Allen & Overy Belfast raise £30k to support local people with cancer

Cancer Awareness

Friends of the Cancer Centre have expanded our key areas of funding to help increase cancer awareness across Northern Ireland.

Breast Bud

Our Breast Bud campaign encourages everyone across Northern Ireland to take the pro-active step of checking their breasts and chest each month. 

Our self-check hanger has a handy step-by-step guide on how to carry out a breast check each month.

Talking Balls

Our Talking Balls campaign encourages men across Northern Ireland to check their testicles once a month. 

Our self-check card has a handy step-by-step guide on how to carry out a testicular check each month, and our stress balls are the perfect reminder to check!

Our Funded Staff

Our awareness tools have been created in partnership with our Clinical Nurse Specialists who work to support patients with testicular and breast cancer. 

Mel McNally

Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist
Mel specialises in kidney and testicular cancer, working closely with urology consultants to offer vital care and support to patients. Melanie has also established her own nurse-led clinics which allow her to see more patients and help reduce waiting times.

Elaine Shaw

Breast Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist
Elaine is a vital lynchpin in a patient’s care and she has been funded by the charity since 2011. Elaine, who is the Cancer Centre’s only breast oncology CNS, works with the consultant team and is the point of information, guidance and support for patients.

Gemma Potter

Secondary Breast Cancer Nurse
Gemma is the only nurse of her kind in Northern Ireland, providing tailored care for people affected by metastatic breast cancer. She is an accessible point of contact for patients and provides a valuable link between the surgical, oncology and secondary breast cancer services.

Annette Quinn

Breast Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist
Annette works closely with Elaine & Gemma to provide keyworker support for those affected by breast cancer, their families and carers. She provides advice on a range of needs, and can signpost to other supportive services.

If your workplace, school, club or other group would like to get involved with our cancer awareness campaigns, please contact Lauren at [email protected] or 028 9504 3656.

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