Talking Balls Self-check Card and Stress Ball

*Each order contains 10 self-check cards and 2 stress balls*

There are certain things men don’t like to talk about, but testicular cancer shouldn’t be one of them.

Friends of the Cancer Centre is calling on men across Northern Ireland to start Talking Balls and get in the habit of checking their testicles every month.

We have produced our very own self-check card, with a step-by-step guide on how men can check their testicles.  The card was produced with the expert advice of Friends of the Cancer Centre’s testicular cancer clinical nurse specialist, Melanie McNally, who is the only nurse of her kind in Northern Ireland.

Order your FREE cards and you’ll get your very own Talking Balls stress ball, a handy reminder to check yourself every month.  We will send you 10 self-check cards and 2 stress balls with each order so you can share them with family and friends.

Please note: unfortunately we are unable to deliver our Talking Balls and Breast Bud self-check tools outside of Northern Ireland.


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