Patient Care

We are committed to ensuring that patients can avail of the best treatment and care available by funding vital medical staff and equipment.

Our work in patient care ensures that anyone going through cancer has the best care available to them when they need it most.

Friends of the Cancer Centre’s doctors, clinical nurse specialists and nurses provide expert medical care and support to hundreds of patients each year. We also support the work of staff on the ground through the on-going funding of vital medical equipment, ensuring that staff have the equipment they need to diagnose and treat patients.

Meet some of our wonderful staff below and read how they, as well as the vital equipment we support, are making a difference to patients. 

Professor Suneil Jain

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Professor Jain is a Consultant Oncologist in the Cancer Centre and a Clinical Reader at Queens University Belfast. His post has been supported by Friends of the Cancer Centre since 2013 and he specialises in the treatment of prostate cancer. He delivers advanced external beam radiotherapy and is one of two oncologists in Northern Ireland who treats patients with prostate brachytherapy. He also utilises chemotherapy and drug therapy in advanced prostate cancer and is involved in many clinical trials. His role is fully integrated with lab-based research at Queen’s University.

Read more about Professor Jain’s work here.

Elaine Shaw

Clinical Nurse Specialist for Breast Cancer

Elaine is a vital lynchpin in a patient’s care and she has been funded by the charity since 2011. Elaine, who is the Cancer Centre’s only breast oncology CNS, works with the consultant team and is the point of information, guidance and support for patients.


Laura Croan

Clinical Nurse Specialist for Lymphoma

Laura is a vital part of our specialist nursing team, providing a dedicated support system for lymphoma patients. The charity also supported the establishment of Laura’s own nurse led clinic, which has reduced patient waiting times.


Renée Reid

Clinical Nurse Specialist for Teenagers and Young Adults

Renée is the point of contact for teenagers and young adults going through treatment. For many young people, a cancer diagnosis can be a worrying and confusing time, but Renée is on hand to provide a listening ear, information, and guidance for these young people.

Melanie McNally

Renal / testicular Nurse

Melanie is one of the latest additions to our nursing team. Melanie specialises in kidney and testicular cancer, working closely with urology consultants to offer vital care and support to patients. Melanie has also established her own nurse-led clinics which allow her to see more patients and help reduce waiting times.

Shelley Mooney

Urology Nurse

Shelley specialises in supporting men with prostate cancer and she is on hand to offer advice, guidance, and support throughout a patient’s treatment. Shelley also holds health and wellbeing events for men who have finished their treatment, ensuring they have the information and support they need post-treatment.

Alison Adams

Urology Nurse

Alison provides ongoing contact, offers holistic support, and ensures continuity of care throughout treatment for urology patients. She works alongside Shelley to provide specialist support and guidance for prostate and bladder cancer patients.

Claire Duffy

Head & Neck Clinical Nurse Specialist

Claire joined us in 2017 and she is a vital source of support for patients dealing with head and neck cancer. She is an important link between clinical teams, ensuring patients have access to the right care and support when they need it. Her own nurse-led clinics allow her to see more patients with this complex cancer.

Stephanie Todd

Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist

Alison provides ongoing contact, offers holistic support, and ensures continuity of care throughout treatment for urology patients. She works alongside Shelley to provide specialist support and guidance for prostate and bladder cancer patients.

Bronagh Flynn

Teenage & Young Adult Nurse

Bronagh acts as a key worker for teenagers and young adults going through cancer. She cares for patients and families through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond by providing advice, support, clinical information, and signposting.

Sophie Graham

Oncology Specialist Dietitian

Sophie provides advice and nutritional care for pancreatic and oesophageal cancer patients. Sophie educates patients to manage symptoms following radiotherapy or chemotherapy and works to implement the E-health programme, which reduces traveling time for patients.

Caroline English

CNS Support Worker

Caroline works closely with our CNSs in urology and head and neck cancer to deliver and co-ordinate patient care. As well as signposting patients to support services available, Caroline ensures patients have a constant line of communication with their oncology team and helps to improve the patient experience.

3D Breast Imaging System

Local breast cancer patients are benefitting from a state-of-the-art 3D breast imaging system thanks to Friends of the Cancer Centre. The 3D breast imaging system plays a vital role in helping women considering reconstructive surgery after mastectomy and this particular model is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.


Vital Equipment

Friends of the Cancer Centre has funded a number of pieces of vital equipment, ensuring that staff have the resources available to meet patient demand. This has included 34 syringe drivers, 40 nebulisers and 16 observation machines, all of which are crucial for ensuring that staff can carry out vital aspects of their work and safely monitor patients.

Non-Emergency Call System

The charity has recently funded the installation of a new non-emergency call system in radiotherapy nursing. When more than one staff member is required to care for a patient, they can be called using the new system. The patient is not left unattended, ensuring that they are treated as quickly and safely as possible.

Noona Oncology App

The charity has proudly funded a new mobile app which will help patients track any side effects of their chemotherapy or immunotherapy treatment. This allows patients to keep an accurate diary of their symptoms and they are directly reported to the oncology helpline team, and are then readily available for their treatment team at their next appointment.

Health and Wellbeing events

Offering patients access to information about their cancer and support on how to live and deal with its side-effects is really important to us and the staff in the Cancer Centre. That’s why we fund several health and well-being events designed for specific cancer types, including testicular cancer and lymphoma.