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Breast Bud

We’re calling on everyone across Northern Ireland to be your own Breast Bud

Checking your breasts and chest on a regular basis is a really important and pro-active step that you can take to detect any changes early. With the help of our self-check hanger, Friends of the Cancer Centre is encouraging everyone to get into the habit of taking a few minutes once a month to self-examine. 

Developed in partnership with our Breast Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Elaine, our self-check hanger can be popped in the shower, on your bathroom door or anywhere that will help remind you to check your breasts and chest once a month, every month. Then all you have to do is follow the step-by-step guide on how to carry out a self-check.

Breast Bud self-check hangers shared across Northern Ireland

Emma's Story

“I’m determined that something positive comes from my diagnosis”

Jude's Story

"If my story encourages just one person to start checking regularly, then I’ll be really pleased as it could save their life.”

Ann's Story

“The charity’s nurses have been here for me from day one.”
cases of breast cancer diagnosed in Northern Ireland each year - making it the most common cancer amongst women
1 in 10
women in Northern Ireland will develop breast cancer before the age of 75
cases of secondary (metastatic) breast cancer are diagnosed in the Belfast Trust each year
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Elaine Shaw
Friends of the Cancer Centre's Breast Oncology CNS

"As a Clinical Nurse Specialist I act as a vital lynchpin between the various teams involved in a patient’s care and I am a source of information and support as they come through their treatment. In my advanced role, I carry out my own clinics and can prescribe chemotherapy – jobs which were traditionally only carried out by doctors. This allows more patients to be seen more quickly as they don’t have to wait for a consultant appointment."

Annette Quinn
Friends of the Cancer Centre's Breast Cancer CNS

“We know that a cancer diagnosis can have a huge impact on patients, their carers and families. Thanks to the support of Friends of the Cancer Centre, I am on hand to be by a patient’s side from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. I am looking forward to learning from Elaine and Gemma and carrying that knowledge through to help patients with the range of psychosocial needs they might have whilst undergoing their treatment.”

Gemma Potter
Friends of the Cancer Centre's Secondary Breast Care Nurse

“Receiving a secondary breast cancer diagnosis is distressing and people will have many questions and worries. As the only nurse of my kind in NI, I hope to alleviate some of those concerns by being a source of support for my patients. As well as helping to coordinate treatment and appointments, I also support people through the emotional and psychological impact their diagnosis has on them and their family."
Elaine and Gemma are both the only nurse of their kind in Northern Ireland - supporting patients receiving oncology treatment and those diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.
Annette is one of the newest members of the charity's funded staff team, helping to extend the reach of support for breast cancer care.
Our breast cancer nurses have over 2300 consultations with their patients each year - providing vital psychosocial support throughout diagnosis, treatment & beyond.

Would you like more information? Check out our downloadable materials and resources

From school and workplaces, to community hubs and healthcare settings, we have a range of resources that will help you raise awareness.  Check out our resources below and share with your Breast Bud to help us spread the self-check message.

Our Breast Bud partners

Friends of the Cancer Centre’s Breast Bud campaign is funded by the Department of Health and administered by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.


Want to get involved?

If your workplace, school, club or other group would like to get involved with our Breast Bud campaign, please get in touch with Lauren at [email protected] or 028 9504 3656.

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