There are lots of ways you can donate to Friends of the Cancer Centre. Below are a few ideas on how you can make a donation, including becoming a regular donor. If you would like to make a one-off donation, just click the blue ‘Donate Now’ button and you can donate quickly and securely.

Become a regular donor

Friends of the Cancer Centre relies entirely on donations from our wonderful supporters and regular donations play a really important part in enabling us to support people with cancer now, and help the charity plan for the future. Your support could help someone like Gordon (pictured on the left with his wife) who was diagnosed with cancer in 2016.

Your regular gift of £5 per month could pay for a welcoming cup of tea or coffee for 21 people every month when they attend for treatment.


  • £5 per month could pay for 2 hours of a Friends of the Cancer Centre Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • £10 per month could help support a cancer patient financially through Friends of the Cancer Centre’s Grant Programme
  • £25 per month could support local research, to give patients in Northern Ireland the latest developments in cancer treatment.

Click to make a regular gift via JustGiving, standing order or payroll giving. Or call Amy on 028 9069 9393 for more information.

“The support that Friends of the Cancer Centre provides, not only through funding posts like my nurse, Emma’s, but through providing everything from a free cup of tea to funding vital equipment, is invaluable. Each time you make a donation to the charity, you are being a friend and helping to support someone just like me. Thank you.”

 Gordon aged 70, Belfast.

Celebrate special days in special ways

Giving in celebration is a simple, personal and uniquely thoughtful way to mark special days in special ways.

At the moment, many of us are not able to celebrate special occasions with friends and family. So, whether you are having a quiet celebration, planning a virtual get together or waiting for your big bash, perhaps you will consider sharing your special day with Friends of the Cancer Centre?

Below, you will find some ways in which you can get your friends and family involved.

Set up a Facebook event

It is really simple and by asking friends and family to make a donation to Friends of the Cancer Centre, together you can give a really special gift, the gift of care to a local cancer patient.


Create a Just Giving page

Every donation will make a difference and for example, just £25 could provide one hour of nursing care, from one of the charity’s team of 14 specialist nurses.

Give one of our virtual gifts

If you would like to give one of the charity’s virtual gifts, they range from £5 for an activity pack for a child to £200 to help provide financial support for a family. You can purchase a virtual gift here.

Donations in lieu of flowers

Losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult time and the loss can have a devastating effect on the lives of those left behind.

During this life-changing time, many people find the strength and kindness to use their loss to support other people and other families in similar situations, by making a donation in lieu of flowers.

If you would like to make a donation in lieu of flowers you can donate directly to us, or your funeral director will be able to look after the arrangements on your behalf.

An alternative option, is to give family and friends the opportunity to make their donations remotely, via a JustGiving ‘In Memory’ page. You can find out more here

At this time, when the charity’s office is closed due to Coronavirus restrictions, our team are working remotely, so please do not hesitate to contact Ana on 07775688291 if you require any further information.

Payroll Giving

Everybody loves payday, but did you know that your pay has the power to support local cancer patients? Payroll Giving, also known as Give as you Earn, gives you the chance to make a regular donation directly to us through your salary.  It’s a great way to support our work as your donation is made before any tax deductions, which means that you pay less and the taxman makes up the difference.  For example, if you want to give a regular gift of £10, only £8 will be deducted from your salary each month and the government makes up the remaining £2.

Setting up Payroll Giving couldn't be easier,
just follow these three simple steps:


Find out if your employer operates the Payroll Giving/ Give as You Earn scheme by contacting your payroll department.


If they do, simply click here, complete the online form and submit.  Once the form has been processed, Payroll Giving in Action will forward a copy to your employer who will then arrange for your donation to be deducted from your next available salary.


If your employer doesn’t currently operate the scheme, just give us a call on 028 9069 9393 and we can advise on other ways you can support us through regular giving.

Share your big day with us!

If you’re getting married why not make Friends of the Cancer Centre part of your special day?

Many couples generously choose to make a donation to Friends of the Cancer Centre in lieu of traditional favours or gifts for guests. 

If you choose to make a donation to Friends of the Cancer Centre, we have a selection of beautiful place cards which you can set on your tables to let your family and friends know that you’re sharing your special day with us.  If you would like to give your guests a small gift, you can add our pin badges or wristbands.

For further information please email [email protected]