How We Help

We know that walking through the doors of the Cancer Centre can be daunting, but we’re here to make sure you and your family get the best care possible.

Our work focuses on three key areas – patient care, patient comfort, and research – supporting the services provided by the Health Service.

In the last year the charity has invested over £1.13 million into local cancer services through the life-saving and life-changing work we support. 

If you would like information on different cancer types, treatments and support services available locally, visit the Belfast Trust Cancer Services website here. If you would like further information and guidance on Covid-19, please visit the Public Health Agency website here.

How we work...

Step 1

When you make a donation your money goes into a big pot.

Step 2

Staff in the Cancer Centre tell us what they need to help patients and submit an application for funding

Step 3

Our expert board assesses each application based on its potential benefit to patients and staff.

Step 4

Approved applications are funded using your money.

Step 5

These projects then directly benefit you, your family and friends affected by cancer.

Discover more about how we help...

Patient Care

We are committed to ensuring that patients can avail of the best treatment and care available by funding vital medical staff and equipment.

Patient Comfort

We believe little things make a big difference and we strive to make a really difficult time for patients and families a little easier.


Research is vital in the fight against cancer and we are the leading local cancer charity funding research right here in Northern Ireland.
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