Forever Friend

Leave a gift in your Will and become a Forever Friend

Gifts in wills are an amazing way of continuing your support, long into the future.
 Friends of the Cancer Centre invites you to become our Forever Friend and help future generations to live healthier, happier, longer lives.

Helping to fund clinical trials and research into new and improved ways to treat cancer.

Funding specialist staff, trained to support patients throughout their cancer journey.

Supporting patients in a range of practical ways, from cups of tea and coffee to financial grants, when they need it most.

No matter how big or small your gift, you will be doing something amazing and helping us fund vital work to support local people living with cancer and their families

Why we need you to be our Forever Friend

Every year, over 10,000 people in Northern Ireland will be diagnosed with cancer. Friends of the Cancer Centre will be there for them. So can you.

We understand that when making a Will, your family and friends are your first priority. When you have provided for your loved ones, we hope you will consider leaving a gift in your Will to Friends of the Cancer Centre.

As Friends of the Cancer Centre is a registered charity, a gift in your Will to our charity is tax free and could allow you to reduce the amount of inheritance tax charged on your estate.  To help you navigate what can be a complex issue, Caroline Keenan, Director of ASM Chartered  Accountants and Honorary Secretary of Friends of the Cancer Centre, has outlined potential opportunities for tax savings below.


There are three types of gift:

1) A share of your estate or 'residuary gift'

Once your loved ones are provided for, you can leave a share of what remains to Friends of the Cancer Centre, which will be the most valuable gift to us.

2) A cash or 'pecuniary gift'

This is when you leave an exact sum of money to us.

3) A 'specific gift'

This is a particular item that you wish to leave, such as an item of jewellery.

These come in all shapes and sizes - with gifts ranging from £200 to £100,000, from 1% of an estate to 100% or anything left over after other gifts have been made.

Making or updating a will is straightforward but, to ensure your will is valid, we recommend you use a qualified solicitor. Friends of the Cancer Centre also provides a free WILL writing service which you can access by visiting Friends of the Cancer Centre – Will To Give or, to find out more, please contact Ana Wilkinson on (028) 9069 9393 or email [email protected].

Free Information Pack - suitable if you are making or updating a Will

Three steps to making your Will:


List what you own


Plan who you would like to include


Decide who will write your will

If you decide to leave a gift to charity, please make sure to have the correct charity name and address details. 

Including a charity number is good practice, in case a charity merges or changes its name.

Friends of the Cancer Centre’s general contact details are:

Friends of the Cancer Centre, Northern Ireland Cancer Centre, Belfast City Hospital, Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7AB

Telephone: 028 9069 9393,  Email: [email protected]   Website:

Charity No: NIC 101345; Company No: NI 616925 A registered company limited by guarantee in Northern Ireland.

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