Take a Deep Breath (album) by Joe O'Sullivan


Take a Deep Breath, the debut album from the Cancer Centre's Professor Joe O'Sullivan.

Professor Joe O’Sullivan, clinical director of oncology at the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital, has written and recorded an album inspired by his patients and his work as an oncologist.  In a fitting partnership, Joe is donating the proceeds from the album to Friends of the Cancer Centre.

The album was recorded with Joe’s bandmates Sarah Williamson, a health service manager and Dr Rossa Brazil, a psychiatrist.  The album covers some of the memorable encounters Joe has had with his patients throughout his career and touches upon love, loss, grief, forgiveness and even men’s unwillingness to talk about their feelings.  

Product Description

Track list

  1. I'm not falling
  2. Only now
  3. Take a deep breath
  4. You made up your mind about the ending
  5. 40 days
  6. As long as you don't ask me
  7. Best of times (featuring Sarah Willimason)
  8. City Lights
  9. For you
  10. Forever unknown

Product Reviews

Whoever says that the medical profession can’t tell one end of a guitar from the other clearly hasn’t encountered Belfast-based Joe O’Sullivan.  Tony Clayton-Lea, The Irish Times


Beautifully produced by Rocky O'Reilly, this pop-folk offering is a touching tribute to those affected by cancer.  Highlights include the haunting 'Only Now' with its delicate and resonate cello....'For You' being my personal favourite. Ellis, GiggingNI.com


For anyone who likes original music...or even if you don't....you must buy this CD. We bought it today and it really is good. via Facebook


I heard Professor O' Sullivan on Downtown today, I was so moved by him and I think "Take  a Deep Breath" is a first class, maybe even World Class song, a credit to him and his colleagues. via web


Stunning collection from a truly talented musician. via iTunes


I bought this album for the great cause it is supporting and I haven't stopped playing it since I bought it.  Can't say enough good words about this album. via iTunes


Beautiful album by Joe O' Sullivan. I was able to identify with many of the emotions. Very sensitive music and words from a very caring man. Margaret via Facebook


Well worth the wait!  Excellent album and truly worthwhile cause.  via iTunes