Another Light (album) by Joe O'Sullivan


Another light is the new album by the Cancer Centre’s very own Professor Joe O’Sullivan.  


Another Light is Joe’s second album, with songs inspired by some of the moving experiences he has shared with his patients throughout his career.  In particular, Joe has drawn on the hope and positivity shown by many of his patients when faced with illness and loss.  In a fitting partnership, Joe is donating all proceeds from the album to Friends of the Cancer Centre so that money raised will go on to support his patients and many others.

Product Description

​1. The subject of loving days

2. I heard you sing along

3. Another light

4. Still Shaking

5. The light sprays

6. Still the warrior

7. No more lost in the middle ground

8. Make me feel good

9. I can't fake the make believe

10. Surrender to the light

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