Breast Bud Self-check hanger

£2 (for 5 hangers)

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Friends of the Cancer Centre is calling on women across Northern Ireland to be more breast aware with the help of our Breast Bud Self - Check Hanger.

We want everyone to get into the habit of checking your breasts and chest every month.  The waterproof hanger - similar to a do not disturb hanger on hotel doors - can hang in the shower, on the door of the bathroom, or anywhere that will remind people to check their breasts and chest once a month, every month. 

The Breast Bud Self-Check hanger has a step- by- step guide on how to check your breasts and chest, as well as some of the signs and symptoms people should look out for.  Friends of the Cancer Centre wants to get the self-check message out to as many women and men across Northern Ireland as possible, so the charity is also calling on people to share the hangers with their own Breast Bud - family and friends  - so they can start checking too. 

  • We will send you a batch of 5 hangers per order for you to share with family and friends. 
  • A donation of £2 will help the charity cover costs
  • Hangers will be posted out withing 2-3 working days


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