Northern Ireland’s first and only dedicated clinical nurse specialist for secondary breast cancer.

We are delighted to introduce you to Northern Ireland’s first and only dedicated clinical nurse specialist for secondary breast cancer, Gemma Potter.

Gemma is the latest addition to our team of funded staff and we are incredibly proud to support her post, which is only possible thanks to your friendship. Gemma provides vital support to people diagnosed and treated in Belfast Trust with secondary breast cancer, which occurs when breast cancer cells spread from the first cancer to other parts of the body.  Whilst secondary breast cancer can be treated, and spread can potentially be slowed or controlled to improve quality of life and help people live longer, sadly it cannot be cured.  The complex nature of this cancer means there are lots of intricate treatment options and specialist support is vital.

Through this new post, Gemma will be able to support patients through the complex physical and emotional effects of the disease, coordinate treatment, and care, signpost to support services, and act as a direct point of contact for questions or concerns.

As a charity we are incredibly proud to fund Gemma’s post as before, there was no dedicated specialist nursing care provided for people with secondary breast cancer locally.  We would like to wish Gemma the very best as she settles into her new role and we look forward to sharing more information about the vital difference her post will make to the lives of local people in the coming months.

If you would like to support the charity and the vital work of nurses like Gemma, you can get involved in one of our upcoming events.  Head over to our events page to find out more.

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