5 Minutes with Shelley Anderson, Friends of the Cancer Centre's Urology CNS

Tuesday, 20 March 2018


March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month so we took 5 minutes with our urology nurse, Shelley to highlight some of the signs and symptoms men should be aware of and how her role is making a difference to hundreds of patients locally.    


What are some of the most common signs and symptoms men should look out for?

Symptoms can vary from person to person, but common signs to look out for include needing to urinate more frequently, having to get up during the night to go to the toilet or needing to rush to the toilet.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or anything that is unusual for you, then visit your GP. 


What treatment is available for prostate cancer?

Thanks to early diagnosis and advances in treatment, many of which are supported by Friends of the Cancer Centre, more men are surviving prostate cancer.  There are many treatment options available including surgery, chemotherapy, external beam radiotherapy and a specialised for of radiotherapy, called brachytherapy, which is delivered internally.  Many men may also benefit from hormone treatment.  If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer your consultant will discuss treatment options and what will be the most effective for you.   


As a nurse specialising in urology, how do support men with prostate cancer?

Being diagnosed with cancer can be very frightening and it is my role to support patients through this difficult and confusing time.  I’m on hand to offer advice, guidance and support and I will become a familiar face in the midst of what can be an overwhelming experience. 


How important is Friends of the Cancer Centre to your role?

My post simply wouldn’t be possible without Friends of the Cancer Centre.  The charity has also been really supportive of my work, including funding a health and wellbeing event for men who have finished their treatment.  I’m also very aware and grateful for the other ways in which the charity supports my patients as I can see the difference it makes.  I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who supports the charity as none of this would be possible without you.     


Rock a blue wristband to show your support

We’re calling on you to show your support for local men and families affected by prostate cancer this Prostate Cancer Awareness Month by rocking one of our blue wristbands.  Wristbands are available from our office at the Cancer Centre or online here.

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