Dragon Boat Race 2016 - what you need to know

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

With just a few days to go until our Dargon Boat Race this Saturday, 2nd July, here's some key information.

  • Race time: each team captain has been notified of your race time.  If you do not know what time you are due on the water please contact your team captain. 

  • Medical forms: I would ask your crew to forward their medical form to me before the event if they have not done so already.  

  • Sponsor money: If you or any crew members are bringing sponsorship money with them, please hand it over to one of our staff when registering. Sponsorship can also be dropped in to our office after the event and any money raised via JustGiving will come to us automatically. 

  • Safety: Before your race you will receive a briefing and safety instructions from Bryson Watersports who will be overseeing the event on the day.  They will also kit you and your team out with lifejackets in preparation for your race.  There will be a professional oarsman on your boat at all times

  • Consumption of alcohol: In the interest of safety we would ask that, whilst participating in the race, team members refrain from drinking alcohol. 

  • Race heats: The event will begin with heat stages with three boats on the river at the one time for best of three races.  So your team will be competing against 2 other boats in your first race.  In the unlikely event that each team wins a race, the fastest team from the three races will be declared the winner and will move to the quarter finals.  After a best of three, the winner will then proceed to the next stage. The quarter, semi and final races will be one race only.  The fastest 4 teams from the quarter finals will proceed to the semi-finals, then the fastest two will proceed to the final.

           To help make things run smoothly on the day, I would ask that when your team is called for your race, you make your way to the starting point as quickly as possible.

  • BBQ: A BBQ will be available on the day and is complimentary to all participants.  Your team captain will receive BBQ vouchers for all your team when you register, please hand these to Cutters Wharf staff when receiving your food.

  • Clothing: we recommened that you wear something comfortable such as tracksuit bottoms, leggings or shorts.  Please wear appropriate footwear such as trainers to ensure your safety when entering ane exiting the boat.  You may get wet on the day so we also suggest that you bring a spare change of clothes.  As the event take splace at Cutters Wharf, the only changing facilities available will be the toilets in the bar.  We have been very lucky with the weather in recent years so we also recommend that you and your team wear and bring along sunscreen to the event. 

  • Children:  children are very welcome to come and cheer your team along, but we ask that they are supervised at all times.   

  • Last but not least ENJOY! The Friends of the Cancer Centre team will be there on the day and if you have any problems or queries please just let us know.  If you have any queries ahead of Saturday that your team captain can't help with, just give Claire a call on 028 9069 9393.



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