Buy a cuppa for a friend

a Cuppa

We all love a cuppa and nothing beats a cuppa with friends. For a donation of £5 you can celebrate the Power of Friends and say thank you to someone who has been there for you when you needed it by dedicating a cuppa to them. You’ll also be helping your friends here at Friends of the Cancer Centre as every £5 donated will support our work, like buying 21 patients a cup of tea while they wait on treatment.

To dedicate a cuppa, just click on the PayPal button on the right and follow the simple steps. Your cup will then appear within 48 hours. To find your message just type your name in the search box.

To Stephen

Stephen thank you for being such a good friend to me and the family.  It meant an awful lot to us all and this cuppa is our way of showing you how much you mean to us. Lots of love from all the family. 

From Paul

To My sister Margaret

Love you forever Maggie x

From Your sisters Colleen, Noreen and Joanne

To Catherine

Happy hot beverage drinking!

From Ethna

To Roselyn

Thanks for your support and visits throughout my long stay in hospital.

From Val

To Sue

Sue, miss you always xx

From Anthony & Claire

To Julie Kelham Sullivan

Best wishes and prayers for you Julie, God bless.

From Ann McMichael

To Julie

From Maeve

To Natasha

Good Luck Mum!

From Sasha

To Adel

Positivity is power. Good luck.

From Bernie

To James Muir


From Mandy

To Geraldine Goodfellow

Tea lady

From her daughter Jennifer